Not a day goes by that I don’t read or hear something about unconscious bias. Over the past four years, I have read about, watched Youtube clips, TEDTalks, designed and delivered webinars, and led live trainings on this topic. So why all the buzz?
We all hold unconscious biases, it’s a part of human nature and it means that we can behave towards others in certain ways based on these biases. Focusing on our unconscious biases provides an inclusive way to discuss issues of diversity. It reduces shame and shaming because we all have them.
If asked, are you a prejudiced person? Most of us would emphatically answer “no!” Yet, most self-aware individuals would admit that thei...

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Despite the increase of women in the U.S. Workforce and small improvements in the past decade, research suggests that women are still bumping their heads on the glass ceiling:

  • 5.8% of CEOs in Standard & Poor’s 500 list of companies are women (Catalyst)

  • 15 % of Executive positions of Fortune’s 500 are held by women (Huffington Post)

  • Globally, women hold only 28% of senior positions within organizations and 18% CEO positions (LinkedIn)

There are many variables at play though three factors are prominent:

  • Stereotypes exist about what it means to be a leader; most times its implicitly defined as a white male.

  • Discriminatory practices limit opportunities for women to assume leadership role...

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Many businesses agree that diversity and inclusion are economic and business imperatives. Leaders have long recognized the benefits of diversity in selling products and services to diverse consumers. The impact of recent legislative decisions has required that organizations be more responsive to the growing needs and concerns of the workforce; to provide safe and inclusive environments and career opportunities. Regardless of political views, it’s obvious that opposing values and beliefs can create separation and divisiveness in the workplace. Strong leadership is needed now, more than ever to manage the evolving workforce demands while simultaneously building bridges to improved busine...

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