Leadership Development

Leadership has been defined as a process by which individuals influence others and make decisions to advance the organization toward realization of the vision and achievement of the mission.

Our program is designed to prepare high-potential individuals to lead, influence, motivate and communicate the direction of the organization, department or work team. Leadership skill sets are enhanced and developed to help leaders achieve favorable outcomes through teamwork and partnerships with an orientation toward results. Expanding leadership capability within organizations is critical to survival under current economic conditions. Organizations that thrive in good economic times and bad have leaders who are visionaries, courageous, high ethics and grounded in current business realities.

Management Dynamics, Inc.’s Leadership Development Institute was established in 2006 to help its clients improve performance through increased accountability, open-communications and dialogue, employee development and effective time management. Our custom designed programs typically include:

  • Concepts of Leadership

  • Leadership Models

  • Leading vs. Managing

  • Communicating for Improved Performance

  • Coaching and Counseling to Achieve Results

  • Managing Diversity

  • Creating and Sustaining Cultures of Inclusion and Equity

  • Change Management

  • Time Management for Leaders